Hello World, (I'm a programmer) My name is David and I am a follower of Christ. I do not subscribe to a specific denomination as my church wrote it's constitution from scratch and follows no specific denomination. I believe in a historical, gramatical interpretation of the Bible. God meant for His Word to be understood by everyone from fishermen to tax collectors to pharisees. I enjoy sharing the Gospel of Christ and my specific burdens are for the book of Revelation and Creationism.

I am currently in college studying to get my master's degree in Material Science and Electrical Engineering. I'm a tinkerer and I like to take things apart. Sometimes they even go back together when I'm done. In school I do more physics than actual engineering. I find quantum mechanics very interesting, and enjoy learning about how God's creation works.

I am also a huge Sonic the Hedgehog fan. My first video game system was a Sega Genesis and I have played and bought almost every Sonic game since. I wanted to combine some of my hobbies for this site hence the name.

I want people to use my resources that I've created. And because I don't think copyright law is very good in its current state, I am offering my work under the creative commons 3.0 license, more information here. Only the documents, the Questions audio, and the text for my videos are Creative Commons licensed because I do not own the rights to the music in my videos. Please feel free to use my resources. If you could shoot me an email about it, I would appreciate it. It's nice to know you're needed.

The artist that created the music for my Questions and Answers intro is Kevin MacLeod.

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