I am doing a short couple minute podcast answering some Biblical questions that may or may not be controversial. I hope to dispell some myths and shed Biblical light on possibly emotional questions. If you have a question you'd like answered please feel free to email me.

If you would like to download a podcast just right click on the link and select the "save as" option.

Why Don't Christians Follow The Mosaic Law?

Doesn’t Jesus say to "Judge Not"?
Matthew 7:1 is a commonly quoted verse: usually in reference to sin. Is it being taken out of context?

Did Jesus Actually Claim to be God?
Many people believe that Jesus was a good teacher, a Rabbi, a prophet, the Messiah even, but did He actually claim to be God Himself?

Wasn’t the Bible Written by Men?
The Bible was written by human beings which are fallible creatures. Can it really be perfectly inerrant?

Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen to Good People?
There is always the question of suffering. How can a good God allow all of this suffering?

Is Capital Punishment Biblical?
Is God ok with capital punishment? If Jesus or Paul were alive would they be for or against the death penalty? Is it right to "play God" with a human life?

Could God Have Used Evolution to Create What We have Today?
One of the age old questions is Did God create all of life miraculously in 6 days, or did life evolve without purpose or design over billions of years? Some people have made a compromise and claim that evolution did happen but it was driven by God. Or that God used evolution as a means for His creation. Is this a valid compromise?