These are christian videos that I have made. The ones collected here are a few of the videos on my Youtube channel. They range from topics such as general Gospel sharing to Apoligetics to Prophecy. I've also collected a few videos made by others that have been influential to me. Youtube and the Internet in general is a great tool for reach the lost.

"It suddenly dawned on me how Facebook is an incredible medium for the gospel. One of my posts was seen by 1.2 million people – many of whom are non-Christians. Think of what it would cost and how much work it would take to have a Billy Graham-type crusade that reached 1.2 million people. But we can reach that many at no cost and with just a click of a keyboard button." - Ray Comfort

Videos Made By Me

The Gospel/Salvation

How To Have Eternal Life
How Deep The Father's Love For Us
Are You Good Enough To Get To Heaven? The 10 Commandments
The Wonderful Cross

Revelation/The tribulation

Revelation, the Tribulation, and the Antichrist
The New Jerusalem

Christian Apologetics

Proof for Christianity
Is Genesis 1 an Allegory for Evolution?
Theistic Evolution - Why It Doesn't Work
Theistic Evolution - It Still Doesn't Work
Atheist Questions That Christians Should Answer


What Is Christmas All About? Peanuts
Prophesies of the Messiah and His Kingdom

Share The Gospel

Why do Christians Convert Unbelievers? Share the Gospel
Share the Gospel With Your Friends
My Friend: Share the Gospel

Other Videos Not Made by Me

Hell's best Kept Secret
By Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron
True and False Conversion
By Ray Comfort
Are You a Good Person?
By Living Waters
Christmas Version of Are You a Good Person?
By Living Waters
180 Movie
By Living Waters Spanish Version
Evolution Vs. God
By Living Waters Spanish Version
Noah and the Last Days
By Living Waters
By Living Waters

In My Seat - A Pilot's Story from Sept 10th - 11th
Directed by Peter Scheibner
Frank Jenner: The George Street Evangelist
A story of what a faithful witness for Christ can do
The most terrifying truth of Scripture
By Paul Washer
Uncensored: Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham
By Answers in Genesis

What will the New Jerusalem be like? I can only imagine.