These are Christian articles that I have written or have been influential in my walk with God. All of my works can be freely copied and distributed. (Please share the Gospel with the lost.) They can also be modified and used for publications or other materials. Please, though if you do use a significant portion, give due credit. Thank you and I hope you are blessed by these articles.

"The printed page is a missionary that can go anywhere and do so at minimum cost. It enters closed lands and reaches all strata of society. It does not grow weary. It needs no furlough. It lives longer than any missionary. It never gets ill. It penetrates through the mind to the heart and conscience. It has and is producing results everywhere." - Samuel Zwemer

Articles Written By Me

How to Have Eternal Life
This is simply the Gospel. It explains God's perfection and man's sin. It goes on to give God's answer to man's sin and man's obligation to that.

What Does it Mean to be a Christian
In this article I try to explain simply what it means to be a Christian. With so many different thoughts on what it means to follow Christ, I set out to tell, what the Bible said on the subject.

My Commentary on Revelation
This is a commentary I wrote on the book of Revelation. It stemmed from the trifold I made. This has been a multiyear project because it is a real book. It was my desire to make it simple to understand even for those who do not have a Christian background.

A Trifold on the Tribulation
This is a handy little one-page trifold, you can print off and keep as a reference or give to an unbeliever. It gives a small discription of the plagues during the Great Tribulation. Get this in a Word Document.

The Biblical Definition of Love
What does it mean to love someone? In a time when the word love is tossed around so often that it has lost it's meaning, I try to explain what it means to love Christians, Unbelievers, and God.

How to Respond to an Atheist
Atheism is on the rise, and not only that. Militant atheism is on the rise. How do you share the Gospel to someone who claims to not even believe that God exists?

Spiritual Gifts
I wrote this article on Spiritual Gifts. I offer a view that is different from traditional Dispensationalist doctrine. Take it with a grain of salt, but I hope it spurs on Spiritual discussion.

Does God Condone Slavery?
Many atheists and skeptics like to make the claim that the Bible condones slavery. It's true that there is often slavery mentioned in the Bible, but what does the Bible really have to say about slavery? And what affects did the Bible have on slavery?

How Can God Justify Sinners?
Proverbs 17:15 says, "He who justifies the wicked is an abomination to the LORD." How then can any sinner go to heaven? Here I attempt to explain the legal nature of Jesus' sacrifice. This document is handy for sharing the Gospel with technical/logical people.

Are All Sins Equal in God's Eyes?
It is popular for Christians to assert that God sees all sins as equal, but is this really the case? The wages of any sin is death, but what does the Bible say about the equality of sin?

Why is the Wages of Sin Death?
We know that "the wages of sin is death", but why? Why must God punish sinners in an eternal Hell? He's all-powerful, why can't He just poof away the guilt of sin? This question is asked more often than you'd think.

Showing Jesus's Love to Homosexuals
Have you ever heard people say things like "We need to love homosexuals like Jesus would" or "We should reach out to sinners and love them where they are"? What was Jesus's message to sinners? How did Jesus love?

Why Does God Save Some People and not Others?
This is one of the most asked questions in Christianity. We know that God is sovereign in salvation. So why doesn't God save everybody? Another question: Why does God save anybody?

Not Written By Me

The World English Bible
This Translation of the Bible is based off the American Standard Version (ASV) and is in the Public Domain. That means you are free to download it, copy it, and distribute it.

The Pilgrim's Progress
The Pilgrim's Progress By John Bunyan is the second best selling book of all time behind the Bible. It is a classic allegory of the Christian's walk through life. It is also in the Public Domain so you are free to download and distribute it.

God Has A Wonderful Plan for Your Life
God Has A Wonderful Plan for Your Life is a book written by evangelist Ray Comfort. It is based on His original book, The Way of the Master, and His teaching, Hell's Best Kept Secret. In it, Comfort dispells the myth of the modern gospel and teaches what it truly means to be a Christian. He has offered the pdf of this book for free.

Hells Best Kept Secret
This is Ray Comfort's original message that explains why 80-90% of people who grow up in the church eventually leave and backslide. In this sermon, Ray teaches how to effectively use the Law to preach the Gospel.

True And False Conversion
This message is usually bundled with Hell's Best Kept Secret and shows how someone who had a religious experince earlier in their life but is now living in sin may have been a false convert.

Here's a video of scripture and explanation of the coming of our Lord and the Great Tribulation.